Whether you're looking to expand or renew an existing lease, relocate, or find a more efficient and functional space, MW Commercial Realty is committed to finding the best real estate solution for your business needs.

By effectively managing your real estate demands, we allow you to concentrate on what matters most—your business. MWCR tailors commercial leases to suit your unique needs, creating opportunity and flexibility where needed to support the future needs of your business.

Tenant Requirement Evaluation

The first step in identifying space options is to clearly understand how much space is needed and how it will be utilized. Often times our businesses change as does how we utilize commercial space. These changes over time may mean that your business needs more room to grow, or it can benefit from a smaller footprint and related overhead.

Site Selection & Analysis

With a clear understanding of what type and size of space is needed, we then look to the market and identify space options that fit your business’s specific needs. Our agents will organize the data in such a way that it is easy to compare and identify the right fit for your business and budget.

Lease vs Purchase

Sometime we can get so caught up in the daily demands of our business we forget to re-evaluate not only how we use space, but how we pay for it. As your business grows and you are more comfortable with the space requirements required, it may make more sense to purchase rather than lease. Our agents will run the lease vs purchase analysis with you to compare both options to see which is the right fit for your business is.

Site Touring

Coordinating and touring multiple properties with any number of different contact points and agents can become overwhelming. Our agents will manage the site touring process and compile each sites information neatly for your review.

Lease Negotiations

Having negotiated countless number of leases and sales transactions MWCR agents are highly skilled in the art of negotiations. We also understand the intricacies of commercial leases and the tools to provide both the protections your business needs and the flexibility you want.