With over one million square feet of office, retail, industrial, and specialty use commercial real estate under our management, MW Commercial Realty’s property management services provide:

Operational efficiency

Through effective facility management, MWCR enhances the efficiency of your building operations to minimize expenses and increase the revenue-making potential of your investment.

Short and long-term asset management

MWCR directly supports the financial and operational objectives of ownership by helping clients develop asset plans to manage their investment in the short and long term. Managing cash flows, property repairs, maintenance, capital expenditures and tenant improvements are all examples of asset plan details you and your property manager should be in agreement on.

Strategic capital planning

We help you prioritize building projects and develop capital expenditure plans to suit your budget and maximize your property value.

Accurate reporting

We provide accurate and regular reporting on your property’s physical condition and operational, financial, and functional performance.

Responsive management

Our team’s collective property management experience, combined with our trusted network of vendors, contractors, and consultants, allows us to execute on our clients’ goals and objectives efficiently and cost effectively.